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The Service

Traditional values, respectful memorials and celebrations of a life

Our exceptional facilities, wide range of services, and expert staff mean we can help you with creating a special goodbye. From the traditional and time-honoured, to the personalised and unconventional.

Traditional funerals

Many families take great comfort from the familiar customs of a traditional funeral service.

At a time of emotional upheaval, it can be reassuring and soothing to have the recognisable and the familiar. Whether you wish to plan a traditional service in a church, at a crematorium, at the graveside, or in one of our funeral homes, we can help you arrange a special farewell.

We will help you create the service you wish, the visitation or wake, committal service and reception after the funeral. 

With many years experience in arranging funerals, both religious and secular, we can advise on church services, humanist or secular ceremonies.

Traditional Funeral

Personalised funerals

We are all unique and many people are choosing to reflect that when arranging a funeral.

You might wish to celebrate the life of your loved one with a funeral themed around their life and passions.

It is not about elaborate, expensive ideas, but personal touches that resonate with those attending. It might be the deceased’s beloved customised bike leading the procession, everyone in the family taking a role or a specially selected playlist of music.

We can help you include a number of special touches that will make the day more meaningful-more special .

Personalised funerals