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Looking after your loved ones the way we would look after our own

Option 2

Look after your wishes, and your loved ones

Arranging payment for your funeral now, saves your family from worrying about costs later. With our flexible options, you can pay for the funeral you want, at today’s prices.

Option 2

If a family can be flexible on some aspects of our services including the day and time of the funeral then we can offer this arrangement.

  • Confidential and sympathetic advice and guidance on the social, legal, and religious or secular aspects of arranging a funeral.
  • Guidance in the registration of death and liaison with the officiant and other relevant authorities to meet the wishes of the deceased
  • Attendance of uniformed staff necessary for the service
  • Local conveyance of the deceased from the place of death within 50 miles of an Allan Menzies Funeral Home (during normal business hours) *Excluding air and ferry charges
  • Preparation and care of the deceased in accordance with the wishes of the family
  • Simple coffin with standard interior and nameplate
  • Provision of a hearse for conveyance direct to the cemetery or crematorium within the Greater Glasgow area at a time stipulated by the funeral director
  • The cremation costs are guaranteed within the plan. In the event of burial, £1000.00 plus accrued interest will be allocated towards the burial cost

Independent Way Funeral Plan provided by Golden Charter

Tailored funeral plans