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The cost of a funeral depends on a number of different factors. Whatever option you choose, we will help you plan a special farewell within your budget.

Confidential and sympathetic advice and guidance on the social, legal, and religious or secular aspects of arranging a funeral.
Guidance in the registration of death and liaison with the officiant and other relevant authorities to meet the wishes of the deceased
Attendance of uniformed staff necessary for the service
Local conveyance of the deceased from the place of death within 50 miles of an Anderson Maguire Funeral Home (during normal business hours) *Excluding air and ferry charges
Preparation and care of the deceased in accordance with the wishes of the family
CoffinBasic lined and fitted coffinSimple coffin Quality, polished coffin
Provision of a hearse for conveyance direct to the cemetery or crematorium within the Greater Glasgow area at a time stipulated by the funeral directorFlexible route and date and time
The cremation costs are guaranteed within the plan. In the event of burial, £1000.00 plus accrued interest will be allocated towards the burial cost
Direct Creation only
Provision of a 6-seater limousine with a liveried chauffeur

For Option 2 and 3 Funeral Plans, all costs exclude public holidays, weekends and residential surcharges.